Gem Dandy:

New Baubles Land in Bird Rock

By Chantal Gordon | Photo by John Dole | ModernLuxury.com | March 2, 2010


Necklace by Allison Neumann.

In Bird Rock, Allison Neumann knows that a whisper can be just as effective as a shout — if her jewelry is any indication. At Paris-meets-SoCal shop Capricorn, Neumann’s work is gaining major traction thanks to delicate, personal pieces like yellow gold chains attached to gold leather strips that double as pendants, and quartz-beaded earrings backed by lime-green leather triangles. Neumann’s currently enrolled at the G.I.A. in Carlsbad, where her pairing of the moment is tsavorite, a green stone that pops next to diamonds. Neumann recently landed at creative mecca Glashaus, and she's currently collaborating with haus-mate Jamie Huffman of Surface Furniture on a project that will "match" a piece of furniture with a piece of jewelry.

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