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Our Commitment to The Environment

We're dedicated to making excellent jewelry but we're also committed to protecting the environment for future generations

We donate ONE TREE FOR EVERY SALE in partnership with OneTreePlanted, an organization focused on reforestation throughout the world 


    • We no longer offer or use plastic one-time use water bottles in our store. Instead, we've partnered with Boxed Water to offering complimentary water to our in-store clients via recyclable cartons. Their packaging is more eco-friendly than plastic bottles and more efficient to produce and ship, reducing the carbon footprint compared to plastic.
    • We've committed to reducing deforestation by using Seedling by Grove paper towels and tissues in our store.  They're 100% tree-free, made from bamboo and sugarcane (fast-growing and plentiful grasses) and are 2x more absorbent than traditional paper towels.  We've also made the switch in our personal lives!
    • We've reduced paper consumption where possible by offering electronic receipts and appraisal reports to our customers.
    • And finally, we source raw materials from vetted sources and use recycled metals to produce our products, thereby reducing new mining and subsequent damage to the environment.

    • At home we take extraordinary measures to be environmentally conscious by adhering to strict recycling guidelines, using BPA-free refillable water jugs at our local watering hole (water we purchase is filtered so that it contains less than 3 ppm in dissolved solids, whereas our local tap water has up to 300 ppm). We even have an indoor hydroponic garden where we grow herbs and vegetables (soil free!) and constantly review our daily lives to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

We're All in This Together