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Woodland Collection

~It's Our Responsibility to Take Care of the Planet~
Jewelry Designer Allison Neumann's inspiration for her Woodland Collection comes from a passion for trees and plant life, from climbing Maple trees as a child in the Northeastern United States, to visiting ancient and protected Giant Sequoias in Northern California, and hiking among Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Western Hemlock in the Pacific Northwest as an adult. 
Each piece pays homage to these resplendent residents of our environment.
For every sale from the Woodland Collection we donate 10% of the proceeds to plant trees via a partnership with OneTreePlanted, an organization dedicated to reforestation around the world.
Allison Neumann Fine Jewelers Custom Jewelry One Tree Planted San Diego Jeweler
The Woodland Collection is made in the USA with recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.  
OneTreePlanted San Diego Jeweler Allison Neumann Fine Jewelers Custom Jewelry