Vintage Diamonds

Diamonds cut from different time periods have very distinct appearances.  Old Mine Cut Diamonds and Old European Cut Diamonds are pre-cursors to the Modern Round Brilliant Diamond.  All three of these cuts have the same 57 or 58 facets, depending on whether the culet is counted (the point at the bottom).

The Early and Middle Victorian Era saw the use of mostly Old Mine Cuts in jewelry. Old Mine Cut diamonds are squarish and slightly oval or cushion-shaped.  The diamond’s crown (top) and pavilion (bottom) are both much deeper than a Modern Round Brilliant Cut.  They also have a flat or what's called an 'open' culet.

In the late 1800's, diamond cutting technique was revolutionized with the invention of a 'bruting' machine, angle gauges, and a motorized saw.  Using these tools, cutters were able to more precisely shape diamonds into rounder outlines.  Therefore, Old European Cuts are similar to Old Mine Cuts but are more round in shape.  Like the Old Mine Cut, Old European Cuts also have a high crown and pavilion and a flat culet.  

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