Custom Engagement Ring Design

~ A unique love deserves a ring just as special ~

How it Works

1) Set Up An Appointment

Use this link to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

A Note on Diamonds and Gemstones: If your appointment is for a custom engagement ring, if you can, please tell us in advance what shapes and sizes of diamonds or gemstones you'd prefer (if you know) and we can try to have some ready for you to view upon your arrival.  We don't always have every shape, size and quality diamond or gemstone on hand because, inevitably, every customer wants something different and unique.  We source our conflict-free diamonds directly from cutters in India, Israel and Belgium, so we're able to give you the biggest diamond for the best possible price. Additionally, should you want a gemstone instead, we ethically source ours from artisanal mines all over the world and specialize in sapphires sourced specifically from the United States.

2) Initial Meeting

We'll meet with you in our downtown office to discuss your custom project and talk about what your/her dream ring looks like, while making sure that we'll be a good fit for your design project.  There is no cost for this initial appointment.

What To Bring

If you have a diamond, gemstone, piece of jewelry or idea of your own that you think you'd like to use, please bring it with you so we can evaluate it for inclusion in your design.  We're happy to use customer provided diamonds and gemstones for custom engagement rings and other custom jewelry.

Do you live outside the San Diego area? That's not a problem!  We routinely make engagement rings for clients across the country and internationally.  Please fill out the CONTACT FORM and we'll get back to you with further instructions.

3) Hire Us

Once you decide to hire us to make your one-of-a-kind ring, we'll collect a non-refundable deposit to start the design work and both parties will sign a custom jewelry design contract.  

Please note that custom rings start at $3000 and do not include a center diamond or gemstone.  

Please give us a minimum of 6-8 weeks.  Although we HAVE made rings sooner and it is possible, we like to give ourselves enough time so we can make your ring the best quality possible.  Fine jewelry is an art and takes time to create. Expedited custom orders are possible but will incur an additional fee.

4) Design Process

Once we've received your deposit and signed contract, we'll help you select the perfect diamond or gemstone for your ring and we'll provide design ideas for you to review, based upon your specifications.  You'll have the opportunity to make changes to a design that we've provided, if necessary.

When you've selected the design with which you would like to proceed, we'll create a resin model of your ring using a highly specialized computer program or we may use the ancient technique of hand-carving a wax.

In most cases you'll have an opportunity to preview the wax/resin model of your ring, in-person, prior to its completion in metal. Clients who preview this model in our San Diego office will have the opportunity to try on the model ring to see what it will look like on your finger before it's actually made in metal.   This is a super cool feature that our clients love! 

We do everything we can to make sure that your ring is exactly what you want and don't proceed to make your actual ring until you're 100% happy and you've signed off on the final design.

Again, it's very important that you give us ample time (6-8 weeks) to complete all the steps necessary to create your beautiful piece of custom jewelry.

5) Your Finished Ring

We'll schedule a time for you to come back to pick up your ring in our downtown office, and, when you do, prepare to be blown away!  For out-of-town clients we offer insured overnight delivery with signature required.  We'll also provide you with social media-worthy images so you and she can instantly send out notifications to friends and family when she SAYS YES!


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6) EXTRAS: Insuring Your Ring

We recommend insuring your new engagement ring with Jewelers Mutual. This is a very quick and easy process and really sets your mind at ease.  We provide an appraisal with custom-designed engagement rings which is delivered to you via hard-copy with your ring.  We also provide you with an electronic copy of your appraisal, via e-mail, that can be quickly and efficiently uploaded to their website.  

7) EXTRAS: Caring For Your Ring

It's very important to heed our advice for care of your ring.  You should bring your engagement ring back to us AT LEAST every six months.  We ALWAYS clean your ring for free at these visits and check the security of your prongs for free. Prongs can become loose and worn with wear resulting in the potential loss of stones. We DO NOT recommend cleaning your engagement ring at home.  Bring it in for a professional spa treatment instead!

Should you need to restore your custom ring to it's original beauty and luster, we provide polishing, rhodium-plating and/or repair services for a reasonable fee.