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Custom Engagement Ring Design

How it Works

1) Set Up An Appointment

You can email us or call us to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.  If your appointment is for a custom engagement ring, if you can, please tell us in advance what shapes and sizes of diamonds or gemstones you'd prefer (if you know) and we can have some ready for you upon your arrival.

2) What To Bring

We've got it all covered!  BUT, If you have a diamond or gemstone of your own that you think you'd like to use, please bring it with you so we can evaluate it for inclusion in your design.  We're happy to use customer provided diamonds and gemstones for custom engagement rings and other custom jewelry.

3) Appointment

We'll help you narrow down the styles of rings that you love and talk about what your dream ring looks like while you relax in our boutique.  Once you decide to hire us to make your one-of-a-kind ring, we'll collect a deposit to start the design work.  We'll provide you with an estimate as to when your ring will be finished (please give us a minimum of 4-6 weeks).

4) Design

Depending on the style of ring we're designing, we will either design it by hand-carving it in wax for casting or we will design it in a highly specialized jewelry design program and provide you with a computer rendering of your custom piece.  You'll have the opportunity to review the design and we won't make your ring until you're 100% happy and you've signed off on the final design.

5) Your Finished Ring

We'll let you know when your ring is ready, and, when you pick it up, prepare to be blown away!  We'll also provide you with social media-worthy images so you and she can instantly send out notifications to friends and family when she SAYS YES!

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